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Going Purple for Poppy

To support causes near to her heart, jewelry designer Holly Freeman started a line of limited edition pieces withfriend and actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler.  In honor of World Alzheimer’s Month, the two philanthropists designed a purple bracelet. Proceeds go to the Alzheimer’s Association. 

Alzheimer’s has touched so many.  I know firsthand.

 My grandfather was an incredibly talented artist. His works spanned from beautiful flowers and landscapes, to drawings of my favorite cartoon characters he made just for me and my friends. His mind was as precise and colorful as the paintings and drawings he created.

 But Alzheimer’s changed that. The details and precision that had always been a hallmark of his art started to shift. There were inaccuracies—the first sign to me that his health, and more specifically his mind, were declining. 

 As we spent time together while I attended college near his home, the changes became more and more painful to watch. Alzheimer’s was slowly taking him away – and more than anything, I wanted to be able stop this devastating disease.

 There were good days when Poppy would turn and look at me with a half smile when I called his name or squeeze my hand when we were sitting together. These moments were small gifts – moments of recognition.  But as the disease progressed, there came a point when my grandfather didn’t recognize me at all.

 I don’t want any other granddaughters to lose their grandfathers to Alzheimer’s disease. That’s what is driving me to help fund research, programs and care for people dealing with this disease. I’m taking action not only for the sake of the individuals suffering, but also to spare their loved ones the pain of simultaneously living through this disease.

 Back when my grandfather was diagnosed, we didn’t have such easy access to information. People weren’t on the Internet sharing their stories.  But today, we have the opportunity to come together and support one another. And we each have the opportunity to take action.

 Friday September 21 is Alzheimer’s Action Day. If we each choose to do something – even if it is as small as talking openly about Alzheimer’s – we can raise awareness, get more funding for treatments, and move closer to a future where our children won’t see their grandparents, their parents or anyone else slowly be taken by this disease.

This blog was first published by heart coach Amanda Daniels on her blog

A note from Amanda:
I met Holly five years ago in a baby group class. We immediately connected through our passion for jewelry and philanthropy. Her line, CJ Free Jewelry, is unique and timeless.  Last year Holly and her business partner, actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler, approached me about creating a red-corded bracelet in honor of my battle against heart disease.  I jumped at the opportunity to raise money and awareness for the American Heart Association. Today, Holly and Jamie are launching a new campaign with a limited edition bracelet to raise money and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association. Alzheimer’s is an illness that is close to Holly’s heart. I’m honored to share Holly’s voice.
–     Amanda

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August 24, 2013

Mommy (& Daddy) Jewelry!
We recently discovered a fine jewelry brand called CJ Free, that offers timeless, elegant and accessible pieces with a bead theme, designed by Holly Freeman and actress and soon to be mommy Jamie-Lynn Sigler.
CJ Free teamed up with The Pump Station and MomciergeLA to their newest bracelet called the “Real Joy”, that come in pink, blue or green tones that soon-to-be or beyond moms (and dads!) can wear to celebrate their children. It’s a simple piece that warms your heart every time you see it cause you know what it stands for. The bracelet is available at The Pump Station and online at The bracelet comes with sterling silver beads on an adjustable silk string cord.
So why the 7 beads?
It’s actually a really sweet story about 7 friends who grew up together and had to come together to support one of their own when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Holly was so inspired by their love and support that she designed a bracelet with one bead for each friend that symbolized the bond between them. What started as a small personal gesture has now expanded to bracelets that help fundraise for various charities such as ‘Art of Elysium’, ‘Chrysalis’, ‘American Cancer Society’, & ‘American Heart Association’ to name a few. There’s nothing better than beautiful jewelry that also gives back!
Along with their bracelets they also other beautiful pieces bangles, necklaces and one-of-a-kind pieces perfect for Mother’s day, ‘push present’, birthday or just because gift. Our personal favorite is the 14k Oval beaded pendant in rose gold with a shooting star, half moon or could be customized, The Beaded Bangle Bracelets in Yellow, White and Rose Gold together or the beautiful Heart Necklace with bead chain.
For more information on how you can purchase any of these items visit

American Cancer Society - 100th Birthday July 31 2013

What does finishing the fight against cancer mean to you? Sometimes it’s hard to put it into words.

That’s why Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who played the mob boss’s daughter in “The Sopranos,” and her friend Holly Freeman have introduced the American Cancer Society 100th Birthday Bracelet in honor of this, our 100th birthday year. 20 percent of the bracelet’s $38 sales price goes to the American Cancer Society.

“The American Cancer Society has been fighting this disease for a century, and I love their message of finishing the fight against cancer,” says Jamie. “I recently got involved in their 100th birthday ad campaign to help spread the word, and I was honored to be able to continue to support them by co-creating this 100th birthday bracelet.”

Both Jamie-Lynn and Holly have been touched by cancer. “I never got to meet my grandfather because he passed away before I was born,” says Holly. “My husband’s father passed away from cancer before my son or I ever had the chance to meet him.”

After college, Holly volunteered her time and energy to various cancer charities. The tipping point came when a close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her friends came together to show their love and support. Holly was inspired to design a pink bracelet with seven beads, one bead for each friend, symbolizing the bond among them.

“We could wear our bracelets as a daily reminder of our friend and her battle,” Holly says. “What began as a personal pursuit to help a friend inspired me to create a line of bracelets to help fundraise for important causes, including the American Cancer Society. I feel that together we can all make a difference.”

The 100th Birthday Bracelet consists of purple and gray silk cords with sterling silver beads. It’s the partners’ fourth in a series from their company, CJ Free. They offer a purple-beaded bracelet promotingAmerican Cancer Society Relay For Life events, a pink-themed bracelet for breast cancer awareness, and a turquoise bracelet for ovarian cancer – all of which benefit the American Cancer Society.

Jamie-Lynn and Holly wear their American Cancer Society-themed bracelets all the time. “We’ve both been overwhelmed with support – from our family, friends (celebrity and otherwise), and complete strangers who choose to wear the bracelets,” says Jamie-Lynn. “It’s a testament to the connection we all share with one another in finding a cure for cancer.”

To learn more about the American Cancer Society 100th Birthday Bracelet, visit

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